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WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic articles
(% done)
Project page—The goal of this project is to ensure that Wikipedia has a corresponding article for every article in every other encyclopedia. Sign in!
Monthly focus: MacTutor biographies 17 left
1911 verification: 26.8%
ACF Regionals answers: 64.1%
Hotlist of topics: 88.7%
General topics: 81.0%
Science topics: 92%
Catholic Encyclopedia: 86.2%
Easton's Bible Dictionary: 88%
Encyclopaedia Biblica : 69.5%
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology: 80.6%
Gutenberg authors : 57.1%
Jewish Encyclopedia : 39%
Literary Encyclopedia: 81.9%
Polish Biographical Dictionary: 6%
Find-A-Grave: 87.2%
Stanford Archive answers 98.2%
Missing paintings 70.5%
Many other lists of politicians, songs, TV shows and others.
Overall progress: 65.2%
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This is the Hot List of Encyclopedia Articles which may be missing or incomplete in Wikipedia. It was created using several encyclopedias as sources, but all decisions about what to include were made by Wikipedians.

For general help and tips please see the project guidelines, blue links can be removed after they are verified, many red links may just need to be redirected. Red links for articles that are unencyclopedic and can't be satisfactorily redirected can simply be moved to the "Unencyclopedic articles" section at the bottom of each list.

The lists[edit]

Numbers remaining exclude items moved to the "Suggestions for non-inclusion" category, and are correct as of at least July 9, 2016.

LetterPagesInitialRemaining% completed
A1 2 3442946689.5%
B1 2 3294946984.1%
C1 2 3 4576079786.2%
D1 2 3 342252484.7%
E1 2299438687.1%
F1 2288938386.7%
G1 2330726392.0%
H1 2 342137289.1%
I1 2148630079.81%
J1 2347225592.66%
L1 2285038586.49%
M1 2 3 4596164189.25%
N1 2237825989.11%
P1 2 3 4548170687.1%
R1 2299032789.1%
S1 2 3 4 5 6746189688.0%
T1 2 3 396845788.5%

88.7%completed (estimate)



Do not copy any material from linked websites (or any website): doing so would be a violation of Wikipedia policy. Instead, do use the linked websites as references and for verifying blue links.

The following sources were used when creating this list:

No single source was used in toto.