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This is a list of topics from the Catholic Encyclopedia (text on Wikisource) which may not have direct equivalents in the Wikipedia. The list began with 12,502 articles. Some of the redlinked topics may be represented by existing articles and simply need to be redirected. New articles may have to be created for the remaining subjects. While there is often quite useful historical information, commentaries and perspectives of some articles may not be appropriate for inclusion in Wikipedia.


To create a new article, you are welcome to start by copying and pasting the text from the Catholic Encyclopedia which was first published from 1908 to 1913 and entered the public domain in 1993. A significant proportion of the topics are redirects, so please use the gwp link to search Wikipedia using google for similarly named articles. Creation of new articles can be aided using the g google search.

While the text is public domain PLEASE do not simply dump text from the CE into Wikipedia without modification. The Encyclopedia was written to serve the Catholic Church and reflect its doctrine, therefore nearly every article has a distinct POV and no article should be included word for word. Format the text according to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Update any spelling anomalies. Rephrase any awkward-sounding prose to improve clarity and flow. Remove 19th century references unless they really move the text along. Update the articles with new information. Any text describing the "current situation" as of 1908 or 1913 should be revised as necessary.

When you have finished writing your article, add the {{Catholic Encyclopedia}} template to all articles based on a CE entry. Not only does this create a proper reference of the source of the text; also you are then able to find the CE-based articles at "What links here" of the template. This is important because some of the information from the CE may be obsolete and the CE category will be very helpful for locating articles which demand updates. It may also help to add an External link to the original article, especially if it was heavily revised in the process of wikification.

The list needs to be cleared of existing articles — but don't forget to check that the Wikipedia article actually corresponds to the CE one. Each topic has a link to the google search of the encyclopedia CE. Another good place to start is the list of Catholic topics already covered.

Of the estimated that 4,800 links need to be trimmed, 3,532 (73.6%) have been done. Of the original 12,502 articles, none (0) remain, or 100.0% of project is complete.

Catholic Encyclopedia by Category[edit]

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Please see Wikipedia:Catholic Encyclopedia cat Diocese for articles where there are currently articles about towns, but not dioceses.

Alphabetical Listing of Topics[edit]

PageInitialRemainingPercent complete
Page A1,3508393.9%
Page B96714085.5%
Page C128822282.6%
Page D4947285.4%
Page E4109377.3%
Page F3967381.6%
Page G5407785.7%
Page H5406588.0%
Page I2183185.8%
Page J3312692.1%
Page K1652982.4%
Page L5738984.5%
Page M99411988.0%
Page N2874883.3%
Page O2774982.3%
Page P88416181.8%
Page Q370Done!
Page R4527074.5%
Page S98118681.0%
Page T5295790.2%
Page U920Done!
Page V2931292.8%
Page W2981495.3%
Page X60Done!
Page Y230Done!
Page Z780Done!