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A short video about the satisfaction editors get from contributing. (1:23 min)

This page provides links to instructional material useful for Wikipedia users, especially new users. The intent is to provide a quick directory of such materials Wikipedians have found useful, including tutorials and manuals on Wikipedia itself, and books, videos, and documents available on and outside Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia runs on the MediaWiki software, much of the training material for new Wikipedia users is also useful for users of other MediaWiki wikis, and vice versa.

Wikipedia's how to articles[edit]

Contributing to Wikipedia is the main page that provides information, links, videos and other resources on the basics needed to comprehend, comment on, and contribute to Wikipedia. Aside from the "Contributing to Wikipedia" page there are some shorter, topic specify and more comprehensive introduction pages as listed below. See also Help:Getting started for a more comprehensive listing of guides. To browse all "help" and "how to" related pages see the help menu or help directory.

About Wikipedia
  • Introduction — What is Wikipedia and how you can contribute.
Short tutorial
  • Tutorial — A simplified guide to editing Wikipedia.
Quick introductions
Comprehensive overviews
How-to book
  • The Missing Manual — A comprehensive how-to guide (book) that explains everything about contributing for novice to expert editors.

Screencasts and Videos[edit]


and script
(associated wikiproject)
Editing basics: citing sources, part 1Text formatting2010-102:03Beginner
Editing basics: boldness and linksText formatting2010-103:37Beginner
How to start a sandbox articleArticle creation2010-092:11Beginner
How to use talk pagesCollaboration2011-022:30Beginner
How to use watchlistsCollaboration2011-012:10Beginner
How to add an imageImages2010-091:25Beginner
How to use bold and italicsText formatting2010-090:55Beginner
How to link textText formatting2010-090:55Beginner
Uploading files to Wikimedia Commons (using the Upload Wizard)Images2011-032:48Beginner
Category explanation and how to use the HotCat gadget
(WikiProject Categories)
How to create a Wikipedia article - Right to science and cultureArticle creation2010-028:15Intermediate
The steps in creating a user account on the English WikipediaNew account2008-122:40Beginner


Available screencasts on how to edit Wikipedia
Creating a new user account (WP version)2:35BillWedemeyerDecember 8, 2008
Start editing7:15BillWedemeyerDecember 8, 2008
Creating a new article3:42BillWedemeyerDecember 9, 2008
Cheatsheet3:26BillWedemeyerDecember 9, 2008


An administrator of a public wiki recorded some MediaWiki training videos, to help people learn how to edit on his wiki. Most of the material in the videos applies to any MediaWiki site, including Wikipedia; many of the examples actually feature Wikipedia. You can view the videos from the wiki page, or download the videos in high resolution (.avi files), or download lower resolution files in Quicktime format.

In addition, there are some screencasts posted to YouTube.

Other videos[edit]



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  • John Broughton (2008). Wikipedia: The Missing Manual. O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN 978-0-596-55377-7.
  • Andrea Forte; Amy Bruckman (2005). Why Do People Write for Wikipedia? (PDF). Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing.
  • Dan O'Sullivan (2009). Wikipedia: A New Community of Practice?. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 978-1-4094-8606-0.
  • Joseph Michael Reagle, Jr.; Lawrence Lessig (2010). Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia. MIT Press. ISBN 978-0-262-01447-2.


Other languages[edit]


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  • Daniel Barrett. MediaWiki (Wikipedia and Beyond). O'Reilly. Published October 2008. ISBN 978-0596519797.

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