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This is part of WikiProject Missing articles, an effort to use outside sources to determine what articles are missing from Wikipedia.

This list includes famous people from Find a Grave. Although each name was separately approved by the staff of Find a Grave, putting this list into a form that Wikipedia can use has broken some of the names. Please use the Find a Grave link next to each name to help fix corrupted names.

"Famous" and "Non-Notable"[edit]

As for how Find a Grave defines "famous":

Q. How does Find a Grave define 'famous'?
A. Please don't confuse importance with fame. Every one of your ancestors is important, and every veteran deserves to be remembered and honoured—but that does not mean that they are 'famous'. An individual is more likely to be designated as "famous" on the Find A Grave site if he or she is well known outside of his or her local community.

When considering whether an article should be created on Wikipedia, anyone who would not qualify for an article under Wikipedia guidelines (principally WP:Notability) should be considered "non-notable".

If you believe a person on this list may be non-notable, please place them in a separate section at the bottom of that list's page under the heading "Possibly non-notable", and with a short explanation of why you believe the person to not be notable. As usual, only delete a blue link from this list when you have verified that the person linked is the same person on Find a Grave's site. Some of the items on this list are not people, but memorials, etc. Please follow the same process mentioned above for determining notability.

When calculating how close we are to being finished, we count both verified and non-notable as "done"; we don't expect anything further to happen to these names.

Before considering creating an article[edit]

  • Check to make sure the topic does not already have an article in Wikipedia - use the search function to see if it's there as an alternate name, or as part of a larger article. If so, make a redirect, so that others can find it under the name Find a Grave uses; you can now delete it from the Find a Grave list.
  • Fix spelling or other errors in the list.

When creating articles[edit]

  • Do not copy and paste text from Find a Grave. Their copyright rules do not permit it.
  • For general help on how to write biographies, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography.
  • The Find a Grave dates may be wrong by a year or two. If possible, find other sources.
  • Remember that all articles must satisfy Wikipedia core policies of notability, verifiability and reliable sources. Find a Grave is not considered a reliable source.
  • Suggested edit summary: Created as part of the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles|WikiProject Missing articles]]
  • For any articles you create because of this project, you can add the entry's Find a Grave link to the External links sections of the article. This helps others verify the information that you did not source from another source, and find information you have not chosen to include. You can use the template {{Find a Grave}}.

When using the {{Find a Grave}} template, the first parameter is the ID of the Find a Grave entry. Copy the ID from the Find a Grave URL.

Further instructions for using the template can be found at: Template:Find a Grave. Below is an example of the template using all available parameters:

{{Find a Grave|1234|Henri Langlois|work=Motion picture director|author=Author name|date=January 11, 2001|accessdate=July 23, 2011}}

When adding information to articles[edit]

Take care when adding information from Find a Grave to articles; Find a Grave is not considered a reliable source, since anyone can edit information there. If the information can be sourced from reliable sources, that is best; if the information can be considered at all controversial, seriously consider not adding it.

If you add facts from Find a Grave into the article, add Find a Grave as an external link, not a source, and add a comment <!-- like this --> explaining what information you have fetched from the page. This allows people to check your facts with Find a Grave, but does not assert that the fact has a reliable source.

If you don't enter any material, or if all the material you add is sourced from reliable sources, do not add a Find a Grave link.

The List[edit]

This list started with 46,698 entries, before pruning.

LetterInitialCurrentCompleteLast statusState
A166814491.4%January 7, 2018Separated
B466944890.4%January 5, 2018Separated
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H336939788.2%December 19, 2015Separated
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J102311189.1%September 9, 2013Separated
K164223685.6%January 6, 2018Separated
L220230886%November 6, 2015Separated
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N081912484.9%January 6, 2018Separated
O085112185.8%August 28, 2016Separated
P230932386%August 27, 2013Separated
R231136184.4%August 28, 2013Separated
S422670083.4%August 29, 2013Separated
T170519388.7%April 6, 2018Separated
U018302884.7%September 8, 2013Separated
V077009687.5%April 22, 2018Separated
W258529988.4%December 26, 2013Separated
Y025703387.2%August 28, 2016Separated
Z015601391.7%January 5, 2018Separated


Of the initial 46,698 entries, there are 6,184 remaining (as of 10 April 2018).

86.8% completed (estimate)


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