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Welcome to the Encyclopaedia Biblica Project
These pages contain a directory of topics covered in the public domain Encyclopaedia Biblica [1]. Although the Enc. Bib. was published in 1903 and thus does not cover 20th century archaeological discoveries, such as the Dead Sea scrolls, and the Gospel of Judas, it has few equals in providing a comprehensive English-language synthesis of pre-20th Century scholarship on the Bible, and its background. The "redlinked" items on the lists do not have direct equivalents in Wikipedia at present.

You may do the following things to make the redlinks go blue:

  • Create a new article for the topic; or
  • Redirect the redlink if there is a corresponding article on Wikipedia which bears an alternative name; and
  • Merge any relevant material from the Enc. Bib. into Wikipedia.
There are several articles that are present in the Encyclopaedia Biblica which already have topics in Wikipedia, but Wikipedia does not have some or any of the content which is present in the Encyclopaedia Biblica. In many cases this is obvious when the article is about a religious topic and contains much information easily collected from popular 'knowledge', but little or no information from academic studies. This is particularly obvious when an article contains no historical-critical information. If you spot an article that has such an appearance, it may be worth checking the corresponding article(s) on the Encyclopaedia Biblica.

Once done, please do not delete the topic from the list (now blue-linked), but preserve it so we can continue to compare Enc. Bib. articles to their equivalents in Wikipedia (cf the 1911 verification project).


As part of your efforts to start a new article or augment existing articles on Wikipedia, you are welcome to copy and paste the text from the Enc. Bib. Click on the external link next to each entry on the list to see a digital transcription of the original JE article. The transcriptions on the JE website have not been edited, so please check the text against the accompanying facsimile of the page from the hard-copy volume.

DO NOT indiscriminately dump text from the Enc. Bib. into Wikipedia! At a minimum, please:

  • format the text according to the Wikipedia Manual of Style;
  • correct any spelling errors;
  • rephrase any awkward-sounding prose to improve clarity and flow;
  • put 19th century references into reference tags (<ref>details of reference</ref>)

When you have finished editing your article, add the {{EncyclopaediaBiblica|article=...|section=...}} template. This practice not only creates a proper reference of the source of the text, but will also help locate articles which demand updates since some of the information from the Enc. Bib. may be obsolete.

For a good example of a Wikipedia article adapted from the Enc. Bib., see ----name of good example should be added here when there is one -----.

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A1Aalar - Aroer96575  83.3%08/11/2015
A2Arom - Azzur119191  37.7%08/11/2015
BBaal - Buzite138448  69.2%08/11/2015
CCab - Cyrus19403  95.3%08/11/2015
DDabareh - Dysentery5171  97%08/11/2015
EEagle - Ezril135335  59.7%08/11/2015
FFair-Havens - Furnace2797  72%08/11/2015
GGaal - Gymnasium84233  63.9%08/11/2015
HHaahashtari - Hyssop140402  65.2%08/11/2015
IIbhar - Izziah73143  49.0%08/11/2015
JJaakan - Juttah164381  57.0%08/11/2015
KKab - Kushaiah29102  71.6%08/11/2015
LLaadah - Lystra38171  77.8%08/11/2015
MMaacah - Mytilene131466  71.9%08/11/2015
NNaam - Nymphas65187  65.2%08/11/2015
OOabdius - Ozora24107  77.6%08/11/2015
PPaarai - Python114346  67.1%08/11/2015
QQuail - Quiver112  91.7%08/11/2015
RRaamah - Rye (Hods)67201  66.7%08/11/2015
S1Sabannus - Sin offering215500  57%08/11/2015
S2Sinai and Horeb - Syrtis31180  82.8%08/11/2015
TTaanach - Ladder of Tyre105280  62.5%08/11/2015
UUcal - Uzziel637  83.8%08/11/2015
VVaheb - Vulture1236  66.7%08/11/2015
WWafers - Writing2789  69.7%08/11/2015
XXanthicus - Xerxes12  50%08/11/2015
YYarn - Yoke04  100%08/11/2015
ZZaanaim, The Plain Of - Zuzim40160  75%08/11/2015
Total19066259  69.5%