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By courtesy of Dr. Marek Jerzy Minakowski, the names of individuals appearing in the monumental Polish Biographical Dictionary (Polish title: Polski Słownik Biograficzny) are accessible below.

Polski Słownik Biograficzny, or PSB, is a joint publication of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Learning. It is edited at Instytut Historii im. Tadeusza Manteuffla (Tadeusz Manteuffel Historical Institute) and is sponsored by Fundacja na Rzecz Nauki Polskiej (the Foundation for Polish Learning). The PSB has been published in Kraków since 1935. To date, 41 volumes have appeared. They present, in alphabetical order, the biographies of uncommon Poles and foreigners who have been active in Poland — famous as well as less well-known persons, from Popiel, Piast Kołodziej and Mieszko I, at the dawn of Polish history, to those who died in the year 2000. PSB is the most renowned Polish biographical publication.

Polski Słownik Biograficzny has been sharing some of its resources online. [1].


File downloads[edit]


Each grouping below comprises about 1000 entries. The "x articles left" are not updated and should be treated as obsolete. A mid-2012 estimate suggest roughly that there are still about 950 articles out of each set of 1,000 to be written. See User:Piotrus/Wikipedia interwiki and specialized knowledge test for more details.

SubpageInitialRemaining% completed
Abakanowicz – Bieńkowski100410040.00%
Biergel – Bzowski10009970.30%
Cabrit – Danielewski100210020.00%
Danielski – Dzwonkowski10009990.10%
Ebenberger – Gembicki100710070.00%
Gemma – Groddeck10009990.10%
Grodecki – Hoscki10009960.40%
Hoser – Jerzykowski10009990.10%
Jesionowski – Kisielewski100610060.00%
Kisieliński – Korzeliński10009940.60%
Korzeniewski – Krzesimowski100210020.00%
Krzesiński – Lichtarowicz10009980.20%
Lichtenstein – Majkowski100210020.00%
Majnert – Michiels100010000.00%
Michlewski – Mullenheim100010000.00%
Muller – Olbromski100110010.00%
Olbrycht – Pawleta100110010.00%
Pawlewski – Pobłocki100110010.00%
Pobudkiewicz – Przezdziecki101210120.00%
Przyalgowski – Retke10009861.40%
Rettel – Rutkowski102010200.00%
Rutowicz – Schreiber10009861.40%
Schröder – Skowid10009970.30%
Skowron – Spiczakow100010000.00%
Spiczynski – Starzynski5465460.00%

  • The Polish Biographical Dictionary is not yet complete. Entries St – Zz will be added as new volumes are published.

Technical details[edit]

Notes on conversion soft/bot:

  • Capitalized names could perhaps be uncapitalised: SURNAME rendered as Surname.
  • Polish terms used in the file: lp=no. (number); str=page (in the file, format x, y=volume, page); płeć=sex; zm=died; ok.=about (as in birthdate).
  • In the event of Polish-language problems, please see Polish language for lower- and upper-case symbols and html codes.
  • Output would be preferable in the following format: [[First name and surname without Polish characters, which are unrecognizable by Wiki|First name and surname with Polish characters]], (birthdate - date of death, ok. translated as ca.), sex (M/F), text left in Polish — to be translated when articles are created — and volume and page numbers given as references.
  • Since there are some 25,000 entries, a subpage would be needed for about each 500 entries — around 50 wiki pages total. They may be kept on my userpage.
  • Since the list contains Polish characters, ISO-8859-2 (Central European) or UTF-8 should preferably be used.

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