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What is an Epigram? A dwarfish whole;Its body brevity, and wit its soul. — Coleridge
. . . somebody has to do it . . .
  • Contributor: modest start-class articles about music
  • Interests: music genres, encyclopedias, copy-editing
  • Disinterests: stars, badges, boxes, DYKs, FAs etc.
  • Likes: clarity of information and layout
  • Dislikes: low quality of Wikipedia design and typography
  • Projects: Arts, Music, Classical music, Composers, Wagner, formerly Paris taskforce, and Music theory project. Contributor and 'janitor' to the Opera Project and Opera Project discussions, from 2 November 2005 (1,835 articles in May 2006) to 22 September 2008 (5,000 articles on 4 September 2008).

Articles created (380) and collaborations[edit]

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Contribution Wiki EN: 74,121

  • 1 major article: The Record of Singing, the major compilation of operatic singing (and song) formerly published by EMI.
  • Also templates for opera lists, genres, terms and categories.




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