Page statistics
Content pages5,652,921
(All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)
Uploaded files868,955
Edit statistics
Page edits since Wikipedia was set up837,480,233
Average edits per page18.61
User statistics
Registered users (list of members)33,641,618
Active registered users (list of members)
(Users who have performed an action in the last 30 days)
Bots (list of members)309
Administrators (list of members)1,214
Bureaucrats (list of members)23
Pending changes reviewers (list of members)6,982
Stewards (list of members)0
Account creators (list of members)183
Importers (list of members)3
Transwiki importers (list of members)0
IP block exemptions (list of members)337
Oversighters (list of members)49
Founder (list of members)1
Rollbackers (list of members)5,939
Edit filter helpers (list of members)12
Autopatrolled (list of members)3,858
Event coordinators (list of members)53
Researchers (list of members)10
File movers (list of members)402
Checkusers (list of members)43
Template editors (list of members)167
Mass message senders (list of members)51
Extended confirmed users (list of members)40,505
Page movers (list of members)221
New page reviewers (list of members)639
Edit filter managers (list of members)158
Confirmed users (list of members)537
Course coordinators (list of members)0
Course online volunteers (list of members)0
Course campus volunteers (list of members)0
Course instructors (list of members)0
Other statistics
Words in all content pages3,169,483,255
Queued mass messages0

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