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Mata Rupa Bhawani (c. 1621- c. 1721 birth name: Alakheshwar, also known as Sharika Ansha Roopa) was a Kashmiri mystic poet.[1] She was a 17th-century Hindu saint who lived in present-day Kashmir, India.

Early life[edit]

She was the daughter of Pandit Madhav Joo Dhar, a resident of Khankah-i-Shokta, Nawakadal (Srinagar at present), in the early 17th century. He introduced her to the practices of yoga.[2]

Oral and written legend has it that Madhav Joo Dhar was an ardent devotee of Mata Sharika (Kali’s). He visited her temple daily at Hari Parvat to pray for hours. In 1620, on the first day of Navratra, pleased by his devotion, Mata Sharika gave him a boon. Madhav Joo Dhar asked for a daughter, and Alakheshwar was born to Joo’s wife on Poorna Amavasya in the month of Jeth (Jyeshta) in 1621. The exact year of her birth varies in a different account between 1620 and 1624. Alakheshwar followed her father in pursuit of God and spirituality.


Even after her marriage at an early age, she often visited Hari Parvat to perform her Sadhana at midnight. This raised questions about her, as a woman out on her own. Her mother-in-law and husband mistreated her. Ultimately, she left her in-law's house in the pursuit of God.

Alakheshwar performed her Sadhana in solitude at Cheshma Shahi, Manigam and Vaskura. These places, including her birthplace at Safa Kadal, are now famous as Ropa Bhawani Asthapanas.

Mata Rupa Bhawani died on maag gat’tu pachh satam in 1777. This day became known as Sahib Saptami and is observed by Hindus in Kashmir.[2] Devi Rupa Bhawani, like Lal Ded, is one of the great female poets of kashmir..


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