Pro Wrestling League

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Pro Wrestling League
No. of teams6
Singles entrants54 (as of Jan 2018)
CountryIndia India
Most recent
NCR Punjab Royals (2nd title)
Tournament formatLeague Format
Current sports event 2018

The Pro Wrestling League (PWL) is an Indian sport wrestling promotion that was established in 2015.[1] It was founded by Kartikeya Sharma and ProSportify, who owns PWL.


The Pro Wrestling League includes six franchises, which represent cities throughout India. The teams are formed via auction.[2]

The league adheres to United World Wrestling rules for all weight categories.[3] The first and second seasons of PWL hosted six teams, each consisting of 9 players.[3]


In every season of PWL, all players participate in a bidding system.[4] Players are listed in an auction where each team owner bags a chosen player after making the highest bid.


Delhi Sultans
Haryana Hammers
Mumbai Maharathi
NCR Punjab Royals
UP Dangal
Veer Marathas


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