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Flag of Turin
Coat of arms of Turin

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Turin:

Turin – important business and cultural centre, and capital city of the Piedmont region in northern Italy. The city has a rich culture and history, being known for its numerous art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, gardens, theatres, libraries, museums and other venues. Turin is well known for its Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classical, and Art Nouveau architecture. Many of Turin's public squares, castles, gardens and elegant palazzi such as the Palazzo Madama, were built between the 16th and 18th centuries. The city used to be a major European political center. From 1563, it was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy, then of the Kingdom of Sardinia ruled by the Royal House of Savoy, and the first capital of the unified Italy (the Kingdom of Italy) from 1861 to 1865.[1][2] The city hosts some of Italy's best universities, colleges, academies, lycea and gymnasia, such as the University of Turin, founded in the 15th century, and the Turin Polytechnic. Even though much of its political significance and importance had been lost by World War II, Turin became a major European crossroad for industry, commerce and trade, and is part of the famous "industrial triangle" along with Milan and Genoa. Turin is ranked third in Italy, after Milan and Rome, for economic strength.[3]

General reference[edit]

Geography of Turin[edit]

Geography of Turin

  • Population of Turin: 4,392,526
  • Area of Turin: 25,402 km2 (9,808 sq mi)
  • Atlas of Turin

Location of Turin[edit]

Turin (Italy)

Environment of Turin[edit]

Landforms of Turin[edit]

The Dora Riparia river at Parco della Pellerina in Turin

Areas of Turin[edit]

Turin during the blue hour, as seen from Monte dei Cappuccini

Districts of Turin[edit]

Neighborhoods in Turin[edit]

Neighborhoods in Turin

Locations in Turin[edit]

Ancient monuments in Turin[edit]

Exhibition halls in Turin[edit]

Monuments in Turin[edit]

Museums and galleries in Turin[edit]

Parks and gardens in Turin[edit]

Public squares in Turin[edit]

Piazzas in Turin

Religious sites in Milan[edit]

Villas and palaces in Turin[edit]

Demographics of Turin[edit]

Demographics of Turin

Government and politics of Turin[edit]

Bronze statue of Julius Caesar, founder of Julia Augusta Taurinorum, with the Palatine Towers in the background

Government and politics of Turin

History of Turin[edit]

History of Turin

History of Turin, by period or event[edit]

History of Turin, by subject[edit]

Culture of Turin[edit]

Mole Antonelliana, an example of eclectic architecture
Bicerin, a traditional hot drink originally from Turin
Turin Conservatory, the concert hall

Culture of Turin

Art in Turin[edit]

Cinema of Turin[edit]

Music of Turin[edit]

Theatre of Turin[edit]

Events and traditions in Turin[edit]

Religion in Turin[edit]

The Shroud of Turin, kept in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud in Turin

Churches in Turin[edit]

Sports in Turin[edit]

The Juventus F.C. team in 2012
2006 Winter Olympics, the opening ceremony

Sports in Turin

Economy and infrastructure of Turin[edit]

The Fiat Mirafiori plant, where the Maserati Levante is produced and assembled by Maserati
Alfa Romeo 4C, a mid-engined, lightweight, sports car

Economy of Turin

Transportation in Turin[edit]

Alitalia Airbus A320 taxiing at Turin Airport in front of the control tower

Transportation in Turin

Airports in Turin

Rail transport in Turin[edit]

Turin metropolitan railway service Turin metropolitan railway service

Turin Metro[edit]

Turin Metro Turin Metro

Enjoy Fiat 500 at Turin Mirafiori
Car sharing in Turin[edit]
  • car2Go (Smart)
  • Enjoy (Fiat 500)
  • BlueTorino (Bluecar)
Public bicycle sharing system in Turin[edit]

Education in Turin[edit]

University of Turin - Campus Luigi Einaudi, home of the University of Turin Department of Law

Education in Turin

Healthcare in Turin[edit]

Hospitals in Turin

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