List of ships of the Royal Australian Navy

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A selection of ships that have served in the Royal Australian Navy (and period of service)
Indefatigable-class battlecruiser HMAS Australia (1913–1921)
S-class destroyer HMAS Tasmania (1920–1928)
Bathurst-class corvette HMAS Lithgow (1941–1956)
Majestic-class aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne (1955–1982)
Oberon-class submarine HMAS Onslow (1969–1999)
Anzac-class frigate HMAS Perth (2006–present)

Since its foundation in 1913, the Royal Australian Navy has operated a large number of vessels, including various types of warship, support and supply craft, and auxiliary vessels drawn from civilian service when required.

Current ships[edit]

As of January 2016, the strength of the Royal Australian Navy consists of 48 commissioned vessels, plus 3 non-commissioned ships.

NamePennant no.TypeClassCommissioned
HMAS AdelaideL01Landing Helicopter DockCanberra2015
HMAS AlbanyACPB 86Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS AnzacFFH 150FrigateAnzac1996
HMAS AraratACPB 89Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS ArmidaleACPB 83Patrol boatArmidale2005
HMAS AruntaFFH 151FrigateAnzac1998
HMAS BallaratFFH 155FrigateAnzac2004
HMAS BathurstACPB 85Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS BenallaA 04Survey launchPaluma1990
HMAS BroomeACPB 90Patrol boatArmidale2007
HMAS CanberraL02Landing helicopter dockCanberra2014
HMAS ChildersACPB 93Patrol boatArmidale2007
HMAS ChoulesL100Landing ship dockBay2011
HMAS CollinsSSG 73SubmarineCollins1996
HMAS DechaineuxSSG 76SubmarineCollins2001
HMAS DiamantinaM 86MinehunterHuon2002
HMAS FarncombSSG 74SubmarineCollins1998
HMAS GascoyneM 85MinehunterHuon2001
HMAS GlenelgACPB 96Patrol boatArmidale2008
HMAS HawkesburyM 83MinehunterHuon2000
HMAS HobartDDG 39DestroyerHobart2017
HMAS HuonM 82MinehunterHuon1999
HMAS LarrakiaACPB 84Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS LauncestonACPB 94Patrol boatArmidale2007
HMAS LeeuwinA 245Survey shipLeeuwin2000
HMAS MaitlandACPB 88Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS MaryboroughACPB 95Patrol boatArmidale2007
HMAS MelbourneFFG 05FrigateAdelaide1992
HMAS MelvilleA 246Survey shipLeeuwin2000
HMAS MermaidA 02Survey launchPaluma1989
HMAS NewcastleFFG 06FrigateAdelaide1994
HMAS NormanM 84MinehunterHuon2000
HMAS PalumaA 01Survey launchPaluma1989
HMAS ParramattaFFH 154FrigateAnzac2003
HMAS PerthFFH 157FrigateAnzac2006
HMAS PirieACPB 87Patrol boatArmidale2006
HMAS RankinSSG 78SubmarineCollins2003
HMAS SheeanSSG 77SubmarineCollins2000
HMAS SheppartonA 03Survey launchPaluma1990
HMAS SiriusO 266Supply shipModified commercial tanker2006
HMAS StuartFFH 153FrigateAnzac2002
HMAS SuccessAOR 304Supply shipDurance1986
HMAS ToowoombaFFH 156FrigateAnzac2005
HMAS WallerSSG 75SubmarineCollins2001
HMAS WarramungaFFH 152FrigateAnzac2001
HMAS WollongongACPB 92Patrol boatArmidale2007
HMAS YarraM 87MinehunterHuon2003

Non-commissioned ships[edit]

NamePennant no.TypeClassIn service
ADV Cape Byron20Patrol boatCape2015
ADV Cape Nelson40Patrol boatCape2015
STS Young Endeavour Sail training tall ship 1988

Past ships[edit]


Aase MaerskFleet oilerAuxiliary vessel1942–1945 
HMAS Abraham CrijnssenMinesweeperJan van Amstel1942–1943Transferred from Royal Netherlands Navy in August 1942, returned in May 1943
HMAS AcutePatrol boatAttack1968–1983to Indonesia
HMAS AdelaideLight cruiserTown1922–1946 
HMAS AdelaideFrigateAdelaide1980–2008Scuttled off Avoca as a dive wreck in April 2011
HMAS AdeleExamination vessel 1939–1943Formerly HMAS Franklin 1915–1922
HMAS AdroitPatrol boatAttack1968–1994 
HMAS AdvancePatrol boatAttack1968–1988museum ship at Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney
HMAS AE1SubmarineE1914–1914 
HMAS AE2SubmarineE1914–1915 
HMAS Air BirdAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air ChiefAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air ClanAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air CloudAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air FaithAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air FoamAir-sea rescue vessel  ex-HMAS Air Wave
HMAS Air GuideAir-sea rescue vessel  ex-HMAS Air Hope (913)
HMAS Air HopeAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air HostAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air MasterAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air MercyAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air MistAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air NymphAir-sea rescue vessel 1949–1962ex-HMAS Air Save
HMAS Air RestAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air SailorAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air SaveAir-sea rescue vessel  renamed HMAS Air Nymph
HMAS Air SenseAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air SprayAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air SpriteAir-sea rescue vessel 1960–1976sunk as target
HMAS Air TrailAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air ViewAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air WatchAir-sea rescue vessel   
HMAS Air WaveAir-sea rescue vessel  renamed HMAS Air Foam
HMAS AitapePatrol boatAttack1967–1975to Papua New Guinea
AjaxExamination vessel   
HMAS Alatna    
AlacrityPatrol vessel/minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1917–1925 
HMAS AlbatrossSeaplane tender 1929–1933to Royal Navy
HMAS Alert    
HMAS Alfie CamMinesweeper   
HMAS AllenwoodMinesweeper   
AlvinaExamination vessel   
HMAS Amohine    
HMAS Anaconda    
HMAS Anchorite    
HMAS AnzacDestroyerParker1920–1935from Royal Navy
HMAS AnzacDestroyerBattle1951–1974Sold for breaking in 1975
AorangiSupply shipAuxiliary vessel1914–1915 
HMAS AraratCorvetteBathurst1943–1961 
HMAS ArcherPatrol boatAttack1968–1973to Indonesia
HMAS ArdentPatrol boatAttack1968–1984 
HMAS ArmidaleCorvetteBathurst1942–1942 
HMAS ArrowPatrol boatAttack1968–1974wrecked by Cyclone Tracy
HMAS AruntaDestroyerTribal1942–1968 
HMAS AssailPatrol boatAttack1968–1985to Indonesia
HMAS AttackPatrol boatAttack1967–1985to Indonesia
HMAS AustraliaBattlecruiserIndefatigable1913–1921 
HMAS AustraliaHeavy cruiserCounty1928–1954 
HMAS Avalon    
HMAS Avonita    
HMAS AwarePatrol boatAttack1968–1993Scrapped in 2011


HMAS BalikpapanLanding craftBalikpapan1974–2012 
HMAS BallaratCorvetteBathurst1941–1947 
MSA BandicootMinesweeperBandicoot1991-2010s
HMAS BandolierPatrol boatAttack1968–1973to Indonesia
HMAS BanksGeneral purpose vesselExplorer1960–1995Charter vessel MV Banks
HMAS BaralabaStores carrierAuxiliary vessel1942–1943Returned to owner
HMAS BarbettePatrol boatAttack1968–1985to Indonesia
HMAS BarcooFrigateRiver1944–1963 
BarcooCoal hulkAuxiliary vessel1914–1924Scuttled off Sydney in 1924.
HMAS BarricadePatrol boatAttack1968–1982to Indonesia
HMAS BarwonFrigateRiver1945–1962 
HMAS BassGeneral purpose vesselExplorer1960–1994 
HMAS BataanDestroyerTribal1945–1958 
HMAS BathurstCorvetteBathurst1940–1948 
HMAS BayonetPatrol boatAttack1969–1988 
HMAS BenallaCorvetteBathurst1943–1958 
HMAS BendigoCorvetteBathurst1941–1947 
HMAS BendigoPatrol boatFremantle1983–2006 
HMAS BermaguiAuxiliary minesweeper 1939–1946 
MSA BermaguiAuxiliary minesweeper 1994–2000 
HMAS BerrimaArmed merchant ship 1914–1917 
HMAS Beryl IIAuxiliary minesweeper 1939–1945 
HMAS BetanoLanding craftBalikpapan1974–2012 
HMAS BiloelaCollier 1920–1927 
HMAS BingeraAuxiliary anti-submarine vesselAuxiliary vessel1940–1946Returned to owner
HMAS Birchgrove ParkAuxiliary minesweeper   
BishopdaleFleet oilerDale1942–1945On loan from Royal Navy
HMAS Black Snake Snake1944–1945Transferred to British Borneo Civil Administration Unit in 1945
HMAS BombardPatrol boatAttack1968–1983to Indonesia
HMAS BomboAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS BonthorpeAuxiliary minesweeper 1939–1945 
HMAS BoonarooCargo ship 1967–1967Charter vessel MV Boonaroo
BoroniaCrane stores lighterWattle1972–1997sold to Defence Maritime Services
HMAS BowenCorvetteBathurst1942–1956 
HMAS BrisbaneLight cruiserTown1916–1929 
HMAS BrisbaneDestroyerCharles F. Adams1967–2001 
BrolgaAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1917–1919Returned to owners
MSA BrolgaAuxiliary minesweeper 1988–2002 
HMAS BronzewingTug   
HMAS BroomeCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Turkey
HMAS BruneiLanding craftBalikpapan1971–2014to the Philippines
HMAS BuccaneerPatrol boatAttack1969–1985to Indonesia
HMAS BunaLanding craftBalikpapan1973–1974to Papua New Guinea
HMAS BunburyCorvetteBathurst1942–1961 
HMAS BunburyPatrol boatFremantle1984–2005 
HMAS BundabergCorvetteBathurst1942–1961 
HMAS BundabergPatrol boatArmidale2007–2014Scrapped due to extensive fire damage
HMAS BungareeAuxiliary minelayer 1940–1946 
HMAS BurdekinFrigateRiver1944–1946 
HMAS BurnieCorvetteBathurst1941–1946to Netherlands
HMAS Burra BraTraining ship   


HMAS CairnsCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Netherlands
Caledonian SalvorOcean salvage tug   
Cambrian SalvorOcean salvage tug   
HMAS CanberraHeavy cruiserCounty1928–1942Sunk at Battle of Savo Island
HMAS CanberraFrigateAdelaide1981–2005 
HMAS Cape LeeuwinLighthouse tender 1943–1945 
Captain CookExamination vessel   
Captain Cook IIExamination vessel   
Captain Cook IIIExamination vessel   
HMAS CarrooLighter 1942–1946 
MSA Carole-SAuxiliary minesweeper 1993–1994 
HMAS CastlemaineCorvetteBathurst1942–1945museum ship at Williamstown
HMAS CerberusMonitor 1911–1921from colonial navy of Victoria. Hulk partially submerged Port Philip Bay
HMAS CessnockCorvetteBathurst1942–1947 
HMAS CessnockPatrol boatFremantle1983–2005 
HMVS ChildersTorpedo boat 1911–1918from colonial navy of Victoria
HMAS ColacCorvetteBathurst1942–1983 
HMAS CondamineFrigateRiver1945–1962 
HMAS CoogeeArmed patrol vessel/minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1918–1919 
HMAS CookSurvey ship 1980–1990 
HMAS CoolebarAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS CoombarAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS CootamundraCorvetteBathurst1943–1962 
HMAS Countess of HopetounTorpedo boat 1911–1924from colonial navy of Victoria
HMAS CowraCorvetteBathurst1943–1961 
HMAS CulgoaFrigateRiver1945–1962 
HMAS CurlewMinesweeperTon1962–1991ex-HMS Chediston


HMAS DarwinFrigateAdelaide1984-2017 
HMAS DeloraineCorvetteBathurst1941–1956 
HMAS DerwentDestroyer escortRiver1964–1994 
HMAS DiamantinaFrigateRiver1945–1981museum ship at Queensland Maritime Museum
HMAS Diamond Snake    
HMAS DoombaAuxiliary minesweeper and anti-submarine vesselHunt1939–1946 
HMAS DubboCorvetteBathurst1942–1958 
HMAS DubboPatrol boatFremantle1984–2006 
HMAS DuchessDestroyerDaring1964–1977from Royal Navy
HMAS DurraweenAuxiliary minesweeper   


HMAS EchucaCorvetteBathurst1942–1952to New Zealand
HMAS Eduardo1945from Royal Navy, returned to Royal Navy
HMAS ElwingTugAuxiliary vessel1942–?? 
HMAS EncounterProtected cruiserChallenger1912–1923from Royal Navy. Renamed HMAS Penguin in 1923
HMAS EmuTug   
EsturiaOiler and stores ship/destroyer depot shipAuxiliary vessel1914–1917 


HMAS FalieInspection/stores vessel 1940–1946Interned motor ketch, demasted for service
FalkefjellFleet oilerAuxiliary vessel1941–1942On loan from Royal Navy
HMAS FantomeSloopCadmus1914–1925from Royal Navy
HMAS FlindersSurvey ship 1973–1998 
HMAS ForcefulTugboat 1942–1943museum ship at Queensland Maritime Museum
HMAS FranklinTender 1915–1922Later served as HMAS Adele 1939–1943
HMAS FremantleCorvetteBathurst1943–1961 
HMAS FremantlePatrol boatFremantle1980–2006 


HMAS GascoyneFrigateRiver1946–1966 
HMAS GawlerCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Turkey
HMAS GawlerPatrol boatFremantle1983–2006 
HMAS GayundahGunboat 1911–1921from Queensland Maritime Defence Force, colonial navy of Queensland. Hulk beached at Redcliffe
HMAS GayundahMotor refrigeration lighter MRL1944–1981Built by Johnson's Tyne Foundry in Melbourne in 1944–45, but re-commissioned in 1966, the 300-ton, 120-ft Motor Refrigeration Lighter MRL 253. She was subsequently given the name HMAS Gayundah in 1969 while serving as a naval reserve training vessel at the naval depot HMAS Moreton depot in Brisbane. In the 1970s, Gayundah carried the training vessel hull letters TV282. She was made the permanent reserve training vessel for the Port Division at HMAS Lonsdale.[citation needed]
HMAS GeelongCorvetteBathurst1942–1944 
HMAS GeelongPatrol boatFremantle1984–2006 
HMAS GeraldtonCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Turkey
HMAS GeraldtonPatrol boatFremantle1983–2006 
HMAS GeraniumCorvetteArabis1919–1927ex HMS Geranium from Royal Navy, scuttled off Sydney on 16 April 1935.
HMAS GladstoneCorvetteBathurst1943–1956 
HMAS GladstonePatrol boatFremantle1984–2007 
HMAS GlenelgCorvetteBathurst1942–1957 
HMAS GoolgwaiAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS GoonambeeAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS GoorangaiAuxiliary minesweeper 1939–1940Sunk following collision with HMAT Duntroon
HMAS GordonTorpedo boat 1911–1914ex-HMVS Gordon from colonial navy of Victoria
HMAS GoulburnCorvetteBathurst1941–1947 
HMAS GrantalaHospital ship 1914 
HMAS GullMinesweeperTon1962–1976ex-HMS Swanston
HMAS GunbarAuxiliary minesweeper 1940–1946 
GunundaalAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1917–1919Returned to owner
MSA GunundaalAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel
HMAS GympieCorvetteBathurst1942–1961 


HMAS HankowCoal hulk 1913–1932sunk as target by HMAS Albatross.
HMAS HawkAuxiliary patrol boat 1940–1945Ex-HMAS Sleuth.
HMAS HawkMinesweeperTon1962–1976ex-HMS Somerleyton
HMAS HawkesburyFrigateRiver1944–1955 
HMAS HDML 1347Harbour defence motor launch 1945–1946 
HMAS HerosAuxiliary anti-submarine vessel and tugboatRescue/Saint1940–1942, 1943–1947 
HMAS HobartLight cruiserLeander1938–1947ex-HMS Apollo
HMAS HobartDestroyerCharles F. Adams1965–2000Sunk as dive wreck
HMAS HorshamCorvetteBathurst1942–1961 
HMAS HuonTorpedo boat destroyerRiver1915–1928 


HMAS IbisRequesitioned during World War II
HMAS IbisMinesweeperTon1962–1984ex-HMS Singleton
HMAS InverellCorvetteBathurst1942–1952to New Zealand
HMAS IpswichCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Royal Netherlands Navy
HMAS IpswichPatrol boatFremantle1982–2007 


HMAS J1SubmarineJ1919–1924from Royal Navy
HMAS J2SubmarineJ1919–1924from Royal Navy
HMAS J3SubmarineJ1919–1926from Royal Navy
HMAS J4SubmarineJ1919–1924from Royal Navy
HMAS J5SubmarineJ1919–1924from Royal Navy
HMAS J7SubmarineJ1919–1929from Royal Navy
HMAS JeparitBulk carrier 1969–1971from and returned to Australian National Lines
HMAS Jervis BayTraining ship 1977–1996 
HMAS Jervis BayTroop transport 1999–2001 
HMAS John OxleyExamination vesselAuxiliary vessel1943–194?Returned to owners
HMAS JuneeCorvetteBathurst1944–1958 


HMAS K9SubmarineK VIII1943–1944From the Netherlands
HMAS KalgoorlieCorvetteBathurst1942–1946 
HMAS KangarooBoom defence vesselBar1940–1955 
HMAS KanimblaLanding ship 1943–1949from and to Royal Navy
HMAS KanimblaLanding shipKanimbla1994–2011from US Navy, ex-USS Saginaw
HMAS KapundaCorvetteBathurst1942–1961 
HMAS Kara KaraAuxiliary boom defense vesselAuxiliary vessel1941–1972Sold for scrap in 1972, hulk sunk as target off Jervis Bay in 1973
HMAS KarangiBoom defense vesselBar  
HMAS KatoombaCorvetteBathurst1940–1957 
KelatCoal hulkAuxiliary vessel1941–1942Sunk after air raid in Darwin
HMAS KiangaAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS KiamaCorvetteBathurst1942–1952to New Zealand
HMAS KimblaTrials ship 1956–1985 
HMAS KinchelaNet layer   
HMAS King BayExamination vessel 1940–1946 
HMAS KoalaBoom defense vesselBar  
HMAS KookaburraBoom defence vesselNet1939–1958 
HMAS KoolongaCollier and supply shipAuxiliary vessel1914–1915 
HMAS KoompartooAuxiliary boom defence vesselAuxiliary vessel  
HMAS KoopaTraining depot ship and Fairmile Motor Launch depot shipAuxiliary vessel1942–1947returned to owners in 1947
HMAS KoorongaTug/Training shipAuxiliary vessel1924–1948sold to private owners and converted into a schooner
HMAS KorowaAuxiliary minesweeper   
KoraagaAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1917–1918Returned to owner
MSA KoraagaAuxiliary minesweeper 1989–2000 
HMAS KuramiaAuxiliary netlayer   
HMAS KuruPatrol boat 1941–1943From Northern Territory Patrol Service
HMAS KurumbaOiler 1919–1947from Royal Navy
HMAS KuttabulAccommodation shipAuxiliary vessel1940–1942sunk on 31 May 1942 in Sydney Harbour
HMAS KybraAuxiliary anti-submarine vesselAuxiliary vessel  


HMAS LabuanLanding shipLST(3)1946–1955from Royal Navy
HMAS LabuanLanding craftBalikpapan1973–2014 
HMAS LachlanFrigateRiver1945–1949to New Zealand
HMAS LadavaPatrol boatAttack1968–1975to Papua New Guinea
HMAS LaeLanding shipLST(3)1946–1955from Royal Navy
HMAS LaePatrol boatAttack1968–1975to Papua New Guinea
HMAS LatrobeCorvetteBathurst1942–1956 
HMAS LauncestonCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Turkey
HMAS LauncestonPatrol boatFremantle1982–2006 
HMAS LimicolaAnti-submarine indicator loop repair ship   
HMAS LismoreCorvetteBathurst1941–1946to Netherlands
HMAS LithgowCorvetteBathurst1941–1956 
HMAS LolitaChannel patrol boat   
HMAS LonsdaleTorpedo boat 1901–1912from colonial navy of Victoria
HMAS LST 3008Landing shipLST(3)1946–1950from Royal Navy
HMAS LST 3014Landing shipLST(3)1946–1950from Royal Navy
HMAS LST 3022Landing shipLST(3)1946–1950from Royal Navy


HMAS MacquarieFrigateRiver1945–1962 
HMAS MadangPatrol boatAttack1968–1975to Papua New Guinea
HMAS MallinaStore carrier and collierAuxiliary vessel1914–1915 
HMAS MallowCorvetteAcacia1919–1925from Royal Navy
MamutuAuxiliary vessel1941
HMAS ManooraArmed merchant ship 1939–1947 
HMAS ManooraLanding shipKanimbla1994–2011From US Navy, ex-USS Fairfax County
HMAS MargueriteSloopArabis1919–1929ex-HMS Marguerite from Royal Navy, scuttled off Sydney on 1 August 1935.
HMAS MarleanChannel patrol boatsConverted civilian pleasure boat  
HMAS MaroubraCutterConverted civilian cutter1942–1943Sunk in a Japanese air raid on Milingimbi, NT
HMAS MarrawahAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS MaryboroughCorvetteBathurst1941–1947 
HMAS Mary CamAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS MatafeleStores carrierAuxiliary vessel1943–1944ex-Burns Philp & Company cargo and passenger vessel, lost without trace with all hands in June 1944.
HMAS MaviePatrol boatConverted lugger1941–1942Sunk Darwin, 1942.
HMAS MedeaMinesweeper 1942–1945ex-HMS Circe, scuttled off Sydney on 20 January 1948.
HMAS MelbourneLight cruiserTown1913–1928 
HMAS MelbourneAircraft carrierMajestic1955–1982ex-HMS Majestic
HMAS MercedesMinesweeper 1942–1945ex-HMS Medusa, scuttled off Sydney on 23 January 1948.
MerkurVictualling Store Issue Supply ShipAuxiliary vessel1942–1949returned to her owners Burns Philp & Company.
HMAS MidgeTorpedo boat 1911–1912from Queensland Maritime Defence Force
HMAS MilduraCorvetteBathurst1941–1956 
HMAS ML 827Fairmile B motor launch1943–1944Capsized and sank while under tow on 20 November 1944 off Cape Kawai, New Britain.
HMAS MollymawkTug   
HMAS MombahStores ship 1923–1930
HMAS MoresbySurvey ship/Sloop241925–1946from Royal Navy
HMAS MoresbySurvey shipMoresby1964–1997 
HMAS Mother Snake    
HMAS MurchisonFrigateRiver1945–1962 
MurexOilerAuxiliary vessel1914 


HMAS NambuccaAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1940–1943transferred to United States Navy
HMAS NapierDestroyerN1940–1945returned to the Royal Navy
HMAS NaraniAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1941–1946returned to her owners
HMAS NereusChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel??-1942destroyed by fire on 2 July 1942
HMAS NepalDestroyerN1942–1945returned to the Royal Navy
HMAS NepeanTorpedo boatSecond-class torpedo boat1901–1912scuttled off Swan Island, Port Phillip in 1912
HMAS NestorDestroyerN1941–1942scuttled off Crete on 16 June 1942, following damage from bombing
HMAS NizamDestroyerN1941–1945returned to the Royal Navy
HMAS NormanDestroyerN1941–1945returned to the Royal Navy


ADV Ocean ShieldHumanitarian and disaster relief vessel 2012-2014Transferred to Customs
OFL No. 1Oil fuel lighter500-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL No. 2Oil fuel lighter500-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL No. 3Oil fuel lighter500-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL No. 4Oil fuel lighter500-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1201 (Rocklea)Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1202Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1203Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1204Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1205Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1206Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1207Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
OFL 1208 (Karpoint)Oil fuel lighter1200-ton Oil Fuel Lighter  
HMAS Olive CamAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS OnslowSubmarineOberon1969–1999museum ship Australian National Maritime Museum
HMAS OraraAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS OrionSubmarineOberon1977–1997 
HMAS OtamaSubmarineOberon1978–1999museum ship at Western Port, VIC
OtterExamination vesselAuxiliary vessel(1914–1918) & (1939–1940)returned to owner
HMAS OtwaySubmarineOdin1927–1937to Royal Navy
HMAS OtwaySubmarineOberon1968–1994 
HMAS OvensSubmarineOberon1969–1995 
HMAS OxleySubmarineOdin1927–1937to Royal Navy
HMAS Oxley (S 57)SubmarineOberon1967–1992 


HMAS PalumaGunboat 1911–1916from Queensland Maritime Defence Force
HMAS Paluma (1941)Auxiliary patrol vessel 1941–1945Motor Boat
HMAS Paluma (1946)Survey vesselUnnamed class of 18 MSLs1946–1973Converted from Motor Store Lighter No 252 MSL 252)
HMAS ParkesCorvetteBathurst1944–1957 
HMAS Parramatta (D55)Torpedo boat destroyerRiver1910–1928 
HMAS Parramatta (U44)SloopGrimsby1940–1941 
HMAS Parramatta (DE 46)Destroyer escortRiver1961–1991 
HMAS Patricia CamAuxiliary minesweeper 1942–1943Converted from a commercial trawler
HMAS PatersonAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS PenguinDepot shipOsprey1913–1923from Royal Navy
HMAS PenguinDepot shipChallenger1923–1929ex-HMAS Encounter, scuttled off Sydney on 14 September 1932.
HMAS PhillipDepot tender1916–1921ex-HMAS Togo, sold to commercial interests.
HMAS PenguinDepot ship 1929–1941ex-HMAS Platypus (1917)
HMAS Perth (D29)Light cruiserLeander1939–1942ex-HMS Amphion
HMAS Perth (D 38)DestroyerCharles F. Adams1965–1999diving wreck
HMAS PioneerLight cruiserPelorus1915–1916ex HMS Pioneer from Royal Navy, scuttled off Sydney on 18 February 1931.
HMAS Ping WoRepair ship/Stores shipAuxiliary vessel1942–1946Returned to owners in 1946
HMAS Pirie (J189)CorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Turkey
HMAS Platypus (1917)Submarine tender 1917–1958 
HMAS PolarisSurveying tender 1942–1945returned to owners
HMAS PorpoiseDiving tenderModified Ham1973–1989ex-HMS Neasham
HMAS PotreroAuxiliary vessel  
HMAS PoyangStores shipAuxiliary vessel1942–1946Returned to owners in 1946
HMAS Protector (1884)Light cruiser 1911–1924from colonial navy of South Australia
HMAS Protector (ASR 241)Trials ship 1990–1998 
HMAS PsycheLight cruiserPelorus1915–1918from Royal Navy


HMAS QuadrantDestroyerQ1945–1963ex-HMS Quadrant from Royal Navy, sold in 1963 for breaking up
HMAS QualityDestroyerQ1945–1958ex-HMS Quality from Royal Navy, sold in 1958 for breaking up
HMAS QueenboroughDestroyerQ1945–1975ex-HMS Queenborough from Royal Navy, sold in 1975 for breaking up
HMAS QuiberonDestroyerQ1942–1972from Royal Navy, sold in 1972 for breaking up
HMAS QuickmatchDestroyerQ1942–1972from Royal Navy, sold in 1972 for breaking up
DT QuokkaTugboat1984–1998sold to Defence Maritime Services in 1998


ASRV RemoraSubmarine rescue vehicleRemora1995–2006inactive since an accident in 2006
HMAS ReserveTugboatSalvage tug1943–1961ex-USS BAT-11, sold in 1961
HMAS River SnakeJunkSnake1945transferred in 1945 to the British Civil Administration Unit, Borneo
HMAS RockhamptonCorvetteBathurst1942–1961sold in 1961 for breaking up
RonaCoal hulkAuxiliary vessel1943–1946returned to owners
HMAS RushcutterMinehunterBay1986–2001sold in 2002


HMAS SalamauaLanding craftBalikpapan1973–1974to Papua New Guinea
HMAS SamaraiPatrol boatAttack1968–1975to Papua New Guinea
HMAS Samuel BenbowAuxiliary minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1940–1946returned to owners
HMAS Sea MistChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel1942–c1945returned to owners
HMAS Sea Snake Snake1945transferred to the British Borneo Civil Administration Unit
HMAS SealDiving tenderModified Ham1968–1988ex-HMS Wintringham
HMAS SheppartonCorvetteBathurst1943–1958 
HMAS ShoalhavenFrigateRiver1945–1962 
HMAS ShoalwaterMinehunterBay1987–2001 
HMAS ShropshireHeavy cruiserCounty1943–1949from Royal Navy
HMAS SiestaChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel?-1942destroyed in explosion in 1942
HMAS Silver CloudChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel?-1943burnt to the waterline in 1943
HMAS SiroccoChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel?-1942burnt to the waterline in 1942
HMAS SleuthPatrol vessel 1917–1920, 1990 
HMAS SleuthAuxiliary patrol boat 1940–1945ex-HMAS Vigilant, renamed HMAS Hawk in 1945.
HMAS SnipeMinesweeperTon1962–1983ex-HMS Alcaston
HMAS Southern CrossExamination vesses1941–
HMAS SprightlyTug  ex USS BAT-12
HMAS StalwartDestroyerS1920–1925scuttled off Sydney on 21 July 1939.
HMAS StalwartDestroyer tender 1966–1989 
HMAS StawellCorvetteBathurst1943–1952New Zealand
HMAS Steady HourChannel patrol boatRequisitioned civilian vessel1941–1945burnt to the waterline in 1945
HMAS StellaSurvey vesselRequisitioned civilian vessel1942–1945recommissioned in 1952 as HMAS Warreen
HMAS StrahanCorvetteBathurst1944–1961 
HMAS StuartDestroyerScott1933–1946from Royal Navy
HMAS StuartDestroyer escortRiver1963–1991 
HMAS St GilesAuxiliary patrol vessel/tug boatAuxiliary vessel1940–1942, 1945–1946returned to owners in 1947
HMAS SuccessDestroyerS1920–1930 
HMAS SupplyOilerTide1962–1985 
HMAS SuvaSpecial service vessel1919ex HMS Suva.
HMAS SwanDestroyerRiver-class torpedo-boat destroyer1916–1928 
HMAS SwanSloopGrimsby1937–1964 
HMAS SwanDestroyer escortRiver-class destroyer escort1970–1996diving wreck
HMAS SwordsmanDestroyerS1920–1929 
HMAS SydneyLight cruiserTown1913–1928 
HMAS SydneyLight cruiserLeander1935–1941ex-HMS Phaeton
HMAS SydneyAircraft carrier/troopshipMajestic1948–1973ex-HMS Terrible
HMAS SydneyFrigateAdelaide1983-2015


TRV TailorTorpedo recovery vessel 197?–1988sold to Defence Maritime Services
HMAS Taipan  1945transferred to Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
HMAS TambarMinesweeper   
DT TammarCoastal tug 1984–1998sold to Defence Maritime Services
HMAS TamworthCorvetteBathurst1942–1946to Royal Netherlands Navy
HMAS TarakanLanding shipLST(3)1946–1954from Royal Navy
HMAS TarakanLanding craftBalikpapan1973–2014to the Philippines
HMAS TasmaniaDestroyerS1920–1928 
HMAS TattooDestroyerS1920–1933 
TB 191Torpedo boat 1911–1918from colonial navy of South Australia
HMAS TealMinesweeperTon1962–1979ex-HMS Jackton
TelopeaCrane stores lighterWattle1972–1997sold to Defence Maritime Services
HMAS TerkaMinesweeper 1940–1945 
HMAS Tiger SnakeSnake 1944–1945transferred to the British Borneo Civil Administration Unit
HMAS TingiraTraining ship 1911–1927 
HMAS TobrukDestroyerBattle1950–1972 
HMAS TobrukLanding shipModified Round Table1981–2015 
HMAS TolgaMinesweeper   
HMAS TogoDepot tender 1916–1921renamed HMAS Phillip
HMAS TongkolMinesweeper   
HMAS ToorieMinesweeper   
HMAS ToowoombaCorvetteBathurst1941–1946to Netherlands
HMAS ToomareeChannel patrol boat   
HMAS Torrens (D67)DestroyerRiver-class torpedo-boat destroyer1916–1926 
HMAS Torrens (DE 53)Destroyer escortRiver1971–1998 
HMAS Townsville (J205)CorvetteBathurst1941–1956 
HMAS Townsville (FCPB 205)Patrol boatFremantle1981–2007Museum ship at Maritime Museum of Townsville
TRV TrevallyTorpedo recovery vessel 197?–1988sold to Defence Maritime Services
TRV TunaTorpedo recovery vessel 197?–1988sold to Defence Maritime Services


HMAS UnaSloop 1914–1925captured German yacht Komet
HMAS UkiAuxiliary mine sweeper 1939–???? 
HMAS UralbaAuxiliary minefield tender, boom defence vessel and armament stores carrier 1942–1945 
HMAS UpoluSubmarine depot ship 1914 


HMAS VampireDestroyerV1933–1942from Royal Navy
HMAS VampireDestroyerDaring1959–1985museum ship at Australian National Maritime Museum
HMAS VendettaDestroyerV1933–1945from Royal Navy
HMAS VendettaDestroyerDaring1958–1979
HMAS VengeanceAircraft carrierColossus1952–1955loaned from Royal Navy; returned to Royal Navy.
HMAS VigilantAuxiliary patrol boat 1940–1945Renamed HMAS Sleuth in 1944.
HMAS VoyagerDestroyerV1933–1942from Royal Navy
HMAS VoyagerDestroyerDaring1957–1964Sunk in the Melbourne-Voyager incident


HMAS WaggaCorvetteBathurst1942–1962 
WallabyWater/Fuel LighterWallaby1983–1997Transferred to DMS Maritime
HMAS WallarooCorvetteBathurst1942–1943 
MSA WallarooMinesweeperBandicoot1991-2010s
HMAS WareeTugboatAuxiliary vessel1942–1946Sank on 17 October 1946
HMAS WarramungaDestroyerTribal1942–1963 
HMAS WarraweeAuxiliary minesweeper   
HMAS WarregoTorpedo boat destroyerRiver1912–1928 
HMAS WarregoSloopGrimsby1940–1963 
WarrigalWater/Fuel LighterWallaby1984–1997Transferred to DMS Maritime
HMAS WarrnamboolCorvetteBathurst1941–1947Sank after collision with mine
HMAS WarrnamboolPatrol boatFremantle1981–2005 
HMAS WatoTug 1941–1945 
WattleTug 1934–1971 
WattleCrane stores lighterWattle1972–1997sold to Defence Maritime Services
HMAS WaterhenDestroyerV1933–1941from Royal Navy
HMAS WestraliaArmed merchant ship 1939–1949 
HMAS WestraliaUnderway replenishment shipLeaf1989–2006from Royal Navy; ex-RFA Appleleaf
HMAS WewakLanding craftBalikpapan1973–2012 
WhangapeOiler/supply shipAuxiliary vessel1914 
HMAS Whang PuMobile repair ship/Stores shipAuxiliary vessel1944–1946 
HMAS WhyallaCorvetteBathurst1942–1947Museum ship in Whyalla, South Australia
HMAS WhyallaPatrol boatFremantle1982–2005 
HMAS Wilcannia Auxiliary vessel1940– 
HMAS WollongongCorvetteBathurst1941–1946to Royal Netherlands Navy
HMAS WollongongPatrol boatFremantle1981–2005 
WombatWater/Fuel LighterWallaby1983–1997Transferred to DMS Maritime
HMAS WongalaArmoured auxiliary/Guard ship 1939–1944recommissioned in 1947 as HMAS Wyatt Earp
HMAS WoomeraArmament store carrier 1946–1960Sank following an accidental explosion
HMAS Wyatt EarpConverted trawler 1947–1951Returned to commercial service
HMAS WyrallahAuxiliary patrol vessel   
WyuldaWater/Fuel LighterWallaby1984–1997Transferred to DMS Maritime


Yampi LassStores lighterAuxiliary vessel194?–1943Sunk during a storm at Darwin on 11 April 1943
HMAS YandraPatrol craft/minesweeperAuxiliary vessel1940–1946Returned to owners
HMAS YarraTorpedo boat destroyerRiver1910–1919Sunk as a target off Sydney Heads in 1931
HMAS YarraSloopGrimsby1936–1942Sunk on 4 March 1942
HMAS YarraDestroyer escortRiver1961–1985Sold and broken up
HMAS YarromaChannel patrol boat   
STS Young EndeavourSail training shipTall ship1988–presentBicentenary gift to Australia by the British government in 1988
HMAS YunnanAmmunition stores issuing shipAuxiliary vessel1944–1946Returned to her owners

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