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Monocrystalline solar cell

This is a list of notable photovoltaics (PV) companies.

Grid-connected solar photovoltaics (PV) is the fastest growing energy technology in the world, growing from a cumulative installed capacity of 7.7 GW in 2007, to 320 GW in 2016. In 2016, 93% of the global PV cell manufacturing capacity utilizes crystalline silicon (cSi) technology, representing a commanding lead over rival forms of PV technology, such as cadmium telluride (CdTe), amorphous silicon (aSi), and copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS). In 2016, manufacturers in China and Taiwan met the majority of global PV module demand, accounting for 68% of all modules, followed by the rest of Asia at 14%. The United States and Canada manufactured 6%, and Europe manufactured a mere 4%.[1]

Photovoltaics companies include PV capital equipment producers, cell manufacturers, panel manufacturers and installers. The list does not include silicon manufacturing companies.

Photovoltaic manufacturers[edit]


Notable PV production lines in 2015, technology, capacity and production[2][3][4]
CompanyCountryTechnologyCapacity (MW)Production (MW)
America Green SolarUSACrystalline silicon0100300480040108200
BP SolarSpainLaser buried grid[Note 1]-80--121540[Note 2][2]-
AustraliaMC Screen print-52--333540[Note 2]-
Greenshine New EnergyUSA--43--252730[Note 2]-
Canadian SolarCanadaCrystalline silicon0100270420040102.8200
China SunergyChina--192320320-80100-120194
ConergyGermany-0275[Note 2]100[Note 2]25000[Note 2]50[Note 2]100[Note 2]
E-Ton SolarTaiwan--200320320356297220
Evergreen Solar[Note 3]USAString ribbon-1758.5145131626.5103.4
GermanyString ribbon-90--1550--
ChinaString ribbon--------
First SolarUSACdTe-11914716060119145[Note 2]143
Morgan Solar IncCanada-
GintechTaiwanCrystalline silicon-210310660660180368
Grape SolarUSA--------
Lubi solarIndiaMonocrystalline & Polycrystalline759011012035405267
Itek EnergyUSAMonocrystaline, PERC10154050241225
JA Solar HoldingsChinaCrystalline silicon-22575080030132300520
JUST Solar Co.,Ltd.China-0120156205083156194
KyoceraJapan---360-180[Note 1]207290400
Mitsubishi ElectricJapan--150220220111121148120
Mitsubishi HeavyJapan--144268131440[Note 2]42[Note 2]
MotechTaiwanCrystalline silicon-240350470102176270296
ChinaCrystalline silicon00601300064
MX GroupItaly---6090--3767
Neo Solar PowerTaiwanCrystalline silicon-60210240436135[Note 2]201
Ningbo Solar ElectricChina--100250-270350-100175[Note 2]260
Photovoltech NVBelgium--80808018298054
Q-CellsGermany--516760500[Note 4]253389570551
Germany (Calyxo)-082510013[Note 2]1
Germany (Solibro)-00303000514
Germany (Sontor)-0825-01[Note 2]3.6
RECOMGERMANYMonocrystalline & Polycrystalline-1.5 GW1.5 GW1.5 GW---
Renewable Energy CorporationNorway----150--80115
PanasonicJapan--265[Note 2]345345155165215260
Schott SolarGermany-1181622053558374138218
SolarPark KoreaSouth KoreaCrystalline silicon---170---90
SolarWorldGermany--160[Note 2]300[Note 2]500[Note 2]70135200[Note 2]200[Note 2]
USA-55[Note 2]-10025020[Note 2]35[Note 2]30[Note 2]50[Note 2]
SuntechChinaCrystalline silicon-5401000[Note 1]1100160336530[Note 1]704
SunwaysGermany--4611611625384960[Note 2]
Trina SolarChinaCrystalline silicon-110350600-29210399
United Solar OvonicUSAThin Film Flexible amorphous silicon-118[Note 2]178[Note 2]1502848112.6123.4
Vikram Solar Pvt. LtdIndiaMonocrystalline & Polycrystalline----120200350500
TamesolSpainMonocrystalline & Polycrystalline-120220340356080120
Sova Solar LimitedIndiaPolycrystaline & Monocrystaline12.525501007152545
Zytech Solar (Zyt Energy Group)Spain (Headquarters)Polycrystaline & Monocrystaline, LCPV [5]150250500700527490130
China (subsidiary)Polycrystaline & Monocrystaline, [6]10020020030025405365
India (subsidiary)Polycrystaline & Monocrystaline---200---120

According to EnergyTrend, the 2011 global top ten polysilicon, solar cell and solar module manufacturers by capacity were found in countries including People's Republic of China, United States, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and Korea.

In 2011, the global top ten polysilicon makers by capacity were GCL, Hemlock, OCI, Wacker, LDK, REC, MEMC/SunEdison, Tokuyama, LCY and Woongjin, represented by People's Republic of China, United States, Taiwan, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Top 10[edit]

Yearly ranking

Top 10 solar module producers

Solar module
1[7]Trina Solar4.55[8][9]5.74[10]China China
2[7]Canadian Solar3.9[8][9]4.7[10]5.4-5.5[10]Canada Canada
3[7]Jinko Solar3.79[8][9]4.51[10]6-6.5[10]China China
4[7]JA Solar3.38[8][9]3.93[10]5.2-5.5[10]China China
5[7]Hanwha Q CELLS3.2[8][9]3.3[10]4.5-4.7[10]South Korea South Korea
6[7]First Solar2.9[7]2.8[10]2.9-3[10]United States USA
7[7]Yingli Green2.35[8]2.35-2.40[10]China China
8[7]SFCE (Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited)2.28[10]China China
9[7]ReneSola2.69[10]China China
10[7]SunPower Corp.1.18-1.25[11]1.7-2[12]United States USA
10[10]Risen Energy1.24[10][13]China China
Sources:[7][8][9][10][11][12][13] tenth place depending on source. Total world 2015 shipment was 50.8 GW.

* March 2016 source.
April 2016 source.

In 2015, GCL System Integration Technology Company made an increase of 500%, topping 2.5-2.7 GW, which puts it at seventh rank, overtaking Yingli Green, compared to 0.5 GW in 2014. Their solar PV module production appears to have reached a 3.7 GW capacity at the end of 2015.[14]

Solar modules, as the final products to be installed to generate electricity, are regarded as the major components to be selected by customers willing to choose solar PV energy. Solar module manufacturers must be sure that their products can be sustainable for application periods of more than 25 years. As a result, major solar module producers have their products tested by publicly recognized testing organizations and guarantee their durable efficiency rate for a certain number of years. The solar PV market has been growing for the past few years. According to solar PV research company PVinsights, worldwide shipments of solar modules in 2011 was around 25 GW, and the shipment year-over-year growth was around 40%. The top five solar module producers in 2011 were: Suntech, First Solar, Yingli, Trina, and Canadian. The top five solar module companies possessed 51.3% market share of solar modules, according to PVinsights' market intelligence report.

Solar module
15.8%Suntech18.1%China China
25.7%First Solar27.9%United States USA
34.8%Yingli Solar46.4%China China
44.3%Trina Solar56.1%China China
54.0%Sungen Solar65.3%China China
62.8%Sharp3[15]Japan Japan
72.8%Sunpower8[15]United States USA
82.7%Hanwha Solarone7[15]South Korea South Korea
92.3%Jinko[15]China China
101.9%REC10[15]Norway Norway

Top 10 solar cell producers

According to an annual market survey by the photovoltaics trade publication Photon International, global production of photovoltaic cells and modules in 2009 was 12.3 GW. The top ten manufacturers accounted for 45% of this total.[2] In 2010, a tremendous growth of solar PV cell shipments doubled the solar PV cell market size. According to the solar PV market research company PVinsights,[16] Suntech topped the ranking of solar cell production. Most of the top ten solar PV producers doubled their shipment in 2010 and five of them were over one gigawatt shipments. The top ten solar cell producers dominated the market with an even higher market share, say 50~60%, with respect to an assumed twenty gigawatt cell shipments in 2010.

Solar cell
2009 in MW
2010 in MW
SuntechChina China7041,572
JA SolarChina China5201,464
First SolarUnited States USA1,1001,411
Yingli SolarChina China5251,062
Trina SolarChina China3991,057
Motech SolarTaiwan Taiwan360924
Q-CellsGermany Germany586907
GintechTaiwan Taiwan368827
SharpJapan Japan595774
Sungen SolarChina China193588
Sources: PhotonMagazine[18] and PVinsights.[16] Note: 2009 shipments of Motech and Canadian Solar are by PVinsights.

Quarterly ranking

Although yearly ranking is as listed above, quarterly ranking can indicate which company can sustain particular conditions such as severet price adjustment, government feed-in tariff change, and weather conditions. In 2Q11, First Solar regained the top spot in solar module shipments from Suntech. From the 2Q11 results, four phenomena should be noticed: thin film leader First Solar still dominates; more centralization in the solar module market; Chinese companies soared; and the giga-watt game is prevailing (according to the latest solar model shipment report by PVinsigts).[19]

Thin film ranking

Global PV market by technology in 2013[20]:18,19

  multi-Si (54.9%)
  mono-Si (36.0%)
  CdTe (5.1%)
  a-Si (2.0%)
  CIGS (2.0%)

Thin film solar cells are commercially used in several technologies, including cadmium telluride (CdTe), copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), and amorphous and other thin-film silicon (a-Si, TF-Si). In 2013, thin-film declined to 9% of worldwide PV production.

In 2009, thin films represented 16.8% of total global production, up from 12.5% in 2008. The top ten thin-film producers were:

1 Estimated

2011 global top 10 polysilicon manufacturers by capacity[edit]

CompanyCapacity (tons)Country
Sourced from EnergyTrend[21]

On the other hand, the 2011 global top ten solar cell makers by capacity are dominated by both Chinese and Taiwanese companies, including Suntech, JA Solar, Trina, Yingli, Motech, Gintech, Canadian Solar, NeoSolarPower, Hanwha Solar One and JinkoSolar.

2011 global top 10 solar cell manufacturers by capacity[edit]

CompanyCapacity (MW)Country
JA Solar2,100China
Trina Solar1,900China
Motech Solar1,500Taiwan
Canadian Solar1,300China
Neo Solar Power1,300Taiwan
Hanwha Solar One1,100Korea
Sourced from EnergyTrend[21]

In terms of solar module by capacity, the 2011 global top ten are Suntech, LDK, Canadian Solar, Trina, Yingli, Hanwha Solar One, Solar World, Jinko Solar, Sunneeg and Sunpower, represented by makers in People's Republic of China and Germany.

2011 global top 10 solar module manufacturers by capacity[edit]

CompanyCapacity (MW)Country
Canadian Solar2,000China
Trina Solar1,900China
Hanwha Solarone1,500Korea
Sourced from EnergyTrend[21]

In terms of wafer and cell capacities, both makers from Taiwan and China have demonstrated significant year over year growth from 2010 to 2011.

China and Taiwan production capacity[edit]

China (MV)Taiwan (MV)
2010 wafer capacity15,3002,640
2011 wafer capacity26,0005,020
year over year growth70%90%
2010 cell capacity11,2005,415
2011 cell capacity24,00010,045
year over year growth114%86%
Sourced from EnergyTrend[21]

Solar photovoltaic production by country[edit]

China now manufactures more than half of the world's solar photovoltaics. Its production has been rapidly escalating. In 2001 it had less than 1% of the world market. In contrast, in 2001 Japan and the United States combined had over 70% of world production. By 2011 they produced around 15%.[22]

Data on the world's largest solar PV producers, including China, Taiwan, US, Japan, and Germany

Other companies[edit]

Other notable companies include:[23][24]

List of solar panel factories[edit]

Below is a list of solar panel factories. It lists actual factories only, former plants are below this first table.

CompanyFactory nameFactory locationPlant cost (in US$ millions)Started productionPanel technology (silicon, Thin Film, CIGS, etc)Capacity/year (in GW)
Sharp CorporationSakai[32][33][34]Japan, Sakai1
Sharp CorporationKatsuragiJapan1981[35][36]
Sharp CorporationKameyamaJapan, Kameyama[35]
Sharp CorporationTakiJapan[35]
LGSouth Korea, Gumi[37]
Solar FrontierMiyazakiJapan20090.060[38]
Solar FrontierKunitomiJapan12011CIS0.9[38]
Solar FrontierTohokuJapan0.12015CIS0.150[38]
Neo Solar PowerFab 3[39]
AU Optronics

Closed solar panel factories[edit]

CompanyFactory nameFactory locationPlant cost (in US$ millions)Started productionPanel technologyCapacity/year (in GW)Stopped production
Sharp CorporationUK[34]
TSMC SolarTaiwan, Taichung, Central Taiwan Science Park [40](next to TSMC Fab 15)CIGS0.0402015[41][42]

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