Liberian general election, 2017

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Liberian presidential election, 2017

← 201110 October 2017 (first round)
26 December 2017 (second round)
2023 →

 PortraitGeorgeWeahAiportTunisCarthageSeptembre2016.jpgJoseph Boakai (cropped).png
NomineeGeorge WeahJoseph Boakai
Running mateJewel TaylorEmmanuel Nuquay
Popular vote732,185457,579

2017 Liberian presidential election map by county (2nd round).svg
Counties won in the second round

President before election

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Elected President

George Weah
Coalition for Democratic Change

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General elections were held in Liberia on 10 October 2017 to elect the President and House of Representatives. No candidate won a majority in the first round of the presidential vote, so the top two finishers — CDC standard-bearer Amb. George Weah and UP standard-bearer Vice President Joseph Boakai — competed in a run-off on 26 December. The second round was originally scheduled for 7 November,[1] but was postponed after LP standard-bearer Cllr. Charles Brumskine, in third place, challenged the result in the Supreme Court.[2] The Supreme Court dismissed the challenge, which would have forced a re-run of the first round had it been successful,[3] and the second round was held on 26 December. Weah emerged victorious with just over 60% of the vote.[4]

The elections were overseen by the National Elections Commission (NEC) and were the first elections to be run entirely by the Government of Liberia and security forces since the conclusion of the civil wars in 2003.[5]

Electoral system[edit]

The President is elected using the two-round system,[6] whilst the 73 members of the House of Representatives are elected by first-past-the-post voting in single-member constituencies.[7]


Incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in office since 2006, was constitutionally barred from running for a third term; the election was therefore to choose her successor.[8]

Opinion polls[edit]

PollsterDateSample sizeBoakai
All Liberian
Liberia Holding ConsortiumMay 201727529.45%21.18%N/A11.26%16%0.72%9.45%N/A
Liberia Holding ConsortiumJune 201748436.36%18.38%3.92%4.75%13.22%0.82%7.02%13.01%
Liberia Holding ConsortiumAugust 201776333.81%21.1%2.88%2.49%12.45%N/A5.63%13.63%
International Political PollsAugust 20171,22421.74%24.73%8.72%6.38%23.49%N/A9.55%N/A


The European Union Electoral Observer Mission (EU EOM)'s preliminary statement, issued on 12 October 2017, acknowledged generally peaceful polling. However, "The EU EOM has directly observed several instances of public officials engaged in campaigning that further hampered equality among contestants. The mission has received claims about the uneven use of state resources and access to public spaces working to the advantage of the incumbent. The mission's direct observation indicates a high level of monetisation of the campaign, where a culture of in-kind and financial hand-outs to communities prevails."[15]


Counties won in the first round


CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
George WeahCoalition for Democratic Change596,03738.4732,18561.5
Joseph BoakaiUnity Party446,71628.8457,57938.5
Charles BrumskineLiberty Party149,4959.6
Prince JohnsonMovement for Democracy and Reconstruction127,6668.2
Alexander B. CummingsAlternative National Congress112,0677.2
Benoni UreyAll Liberian Party24,2461.6
Joseph Mills JonesMovement for Economic Empowerment12,8540.8
MacDella CooperLiberia Restoration Party11,6450.7
Henry FahnbullehLiberian People's Party11,5600.7
Oscar CooperIndependent10,3810.7
MacDonald WentoUnited People's Party8,9680.6
Simeon FreemanMovement for Progressive Change6,6820.4
Isaac WilesDemocratic Justice Party6,3790.4
Aloysius KpadehIndependent5,9220.4
Kennedy SandyLiberia Transformation Party5,3430.3
George DwehRedemption Democratic Congress4,9350.3
William TuiderNew Liberia Party4,9200.3
Jeremiah WhapoeVision for Liberia Transformation3,9460.3
Yarkpajuwur MatorIndependent1,9400.1
Wendell McIntoshChange Democratic Action1,6460.1
Invalid/blank votes88,57428,360
Registered voters/turnout2,183,62975.2
Source: NEC, NEC

House of Representatives[edit]

Constituencies won
Coalition for Democratic Change (CDCNPPLPDP)239,75415.5721+7
Unity Party220,50814.3220−4
Liberty Party131,9808.573−4
Alternative National Congress93,4756.070New
People's Unification Party90,4215.875New
All Liberian Party77,0135.003New
Movement for Economic Empowerment59,2683.851New
Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction56,7343.692New
Coalition for Liberia's Progress50,7323.300New
Liberia Transformation Party49,6213.2210
United People's Party47,3573.081New
Victory for Change Party28,3851.841+1
Liberian People's Party24,2871.581New
Vision for Liberia Transformation21,3241.390New
Grassroot Democratic Party of Liberia20,5881.3400
Liberia National Union20,2271.311+1
Movement for Progressive Change19,9801.300−2
True Whig Party14,7230.960New
Liberia Restoration Party11,6900.760New
Democratic Justice Party7,4150.480New
Change Democratic Action7,1660.470New
Redemption Democratic Congress5,7310.370New
Liberians for Prosperity6280.040New
New Liberia Party4940.030New
Invalid/blank votes83,427
Registered voters/turnout
Source: NEC