Dudley South (UK Parliament constituency)

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Dudley South
Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of Dudley South in West Midlands.
Outline map
Location of West Midlands within England.
CountyWest Midlands
Electorate61,308 (December 2010)[1]
Major settlementsDudley
Current constituency
Member of parliamentMike Wood (Conservative)
Number of membersOne
Created fromDudley West
European Parliament constituencyWest Midlands

Dudley South is a constituency[n 1] represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2015 by Mike Wood of the Conservative Party.[n 2]

Members of Parliament[edit]

1997Ian PearsonLabour
2010Chris KellyConservative
2015Mike WoodConservative


Dudley South is one of four constituencies covering the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, and covers the central part of the borough to the south of the town centre.

2010–present: The Metropolitan Borough of Dudley wards of Brierley Hill, Brockmoor and Pensnett, Kingswinford North and Wall Heath, Kingswinford South, Netherton, Woodside and St Andrews, and Wordsley.

1997–2010: The Metropolitan Borough of Dudley wards of Brierley Hill, Brockmoor and Pensnett, Kingswinford North and Wall Heath, Kingswinford South, Netherton and Woodside, St Andrews, and Wordsley.


Before the 1997 election, Dudley was divided into East and West constituencies, rather than North and South. Dudley South covers most of the area previously covered by Dudley West, which included Sedgley but excluded Netherton.

Dudley West was the scene of a by-election in 1994, held after the death of the Conservative John Blackburn who had represented the constituency since 1979. The by-election was won by Labour's Ian Pearson, who stood for Dudley South in 1997 and held the seat, winning by a comfortable margin each time, until he stood down in 2010.

The Conservative candidate, Chris Kelly, gained the seat in the subsequent general election. However, he decided to stand down in 2015.


Elections in the 2010s[edit]

General Election 2017: Dudley South
ConservativeMike Wood[3] 21,588 56.4 Increase 12.7
LabourNatasha Millward[3]13,85836.2Increase 3.6
UKIPMitchell Bolton[3]1,7914.7Decrease 14.3
Liberal DemocratJonathan Bramall[3]6251.6Decrease 0.5
GreenJenny Maxwell[3]3821.0Decrease 1.5
Majority7,73020.2Increase 9.0
Turnout38,24462.4Decrease 0.9
Conservative holdSwingIncrease 4.55
General Election 2015: Dudley South[4]
ConservativeMike Wood[5] 16,723 43.8 Increase 0.7
LabourNatasha Millward12,45332.6Decrease 0.4
UKIPPaul Brothwood[6]7,23618.9Increase 10.7
GreenVicky Duckworth9702.5Increase 2.5
Liberal DemocratMartin Turner8282.2Decrease 13.5
Majority4,27011.2Increase 1.1
Turnout38,21063.3Increase 0.3
Conservative holdSwingIncrease 0.54
General Election 2010: Dudley South[7]
ConservativeChris Kelly 16,450 43.1 Increase 8.1
LabourRachel Harris12,59433.0Decrease 11.0
Liberal DemocratJonathan Bramall5,98915.7Increase 3.0
UKIPPhilip Rowe3,1328.2Increase 5.0
Turnout38,16563.0Increase 2.8
Conservative gain from LabourSwingIncrease 9.5

Elections in the 2000s[edit]

General Election 2005: Dudley South[8]
LabourIan Pearson 17,800 45.3 Decrease 4.5
ConservativeMarco Longhi13,55634.5Increase 3.4
Liberal DemocratJonathan Bramall4,80812.2Decrease 2.7
BNPJohn Salvage1,8414.7N/A
UKIPAndrew Benion1,2713.2Increase 0.8
Turnout39,27660.2Increase 4.8
Labour holdSwing3.9
General Election 2001: Dudley South[9]
LabourIan Pearson 18,109 49.8 Decrease 6.8
ConservativeJason Sugarman11,29231.1Increase 1.6
Liberal DemocratLorely Burt5,42114.9Increase 4.0
UKIPJohn Westwood8592.4N/A
Socialist AllianceAngela Thompson6631.8N/A
Turnout36,34455.4Decrease 16.3
Labour holdSwing4.2

Elections in the 1990s[edit]

General Election 1997: Dudley South[10]
LabourIan Pearson 27,124 56.6 N/A
ConservativeMark Simpson14,09729.4N/A
Liberal DemocratRichard Burt5,21410.9N/A
ReferendumConnor Birch1,4673.1N/A
Labour win (new seat)

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Notes and references[edit]

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  2. ^ As with all constituencies, the constituency elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election at least every five years.
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Coordinates: 52°29′N 2°08′W / 52.49°N 2.13°W / 52.49; -2.13