Deba River

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Deba River
Elgoibar río Deba.JPG
The Deba River as seen from Elgoibar
StateBasque Country
 - leftAngiozar River, Aramaio River, Aranerreka River, Kilimon River, Ego River
 - rightOñate River
 - coordinates43°17′59″N 2°21′19″W / 43.29972°N 2.35528°W / 43.29972; -2.35528Coordinates: 43°17′59″N 2°21′19″W / 43.29972°N 2.35528°W / 43.29972; -2.35528
Length58 km (36 mi)
 - average13.4 m3/s (473 cu ft/s)

The Deba River (Basque: Deba ibaia; Spanish: río Deva) is a river in the Basque Country, Spain. It rises in Arlaban, into Araba province lands, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bay of Biscay, in Deba Gipuzkoa province.